What makes me so cool?

I'm Kelvin Zhang, a 16 years old student at Pinetree Secondary with an interest in science and technology. I make Android apps, produce music, develop games, and create robots, but the bulk of my interest lies in web development, deep learning, and graphic design. I've participated in science fairs since middle school, and I’ve had the honor of winning a gold, two silvers, and many other special awards at the Canadian Wide Science Fair. Oh, and also, I love volleyball, hiking, and bad puns.


My weapons of choice

Websites have always impressed me, and creating them has become a hobby of mine for the past three years. I've worked on websites for both myself and for professional companies, and in the process, I've gained experience with technologies such as Node, React, and Angular, but also backend databases such as Firebase and mySQL. In the past few months, I've been honing my skills further by freelancing on the web — you may even find a few projects listed below!
Java was the very first programming language that I picked up around 4 years ago. My interest for the language came from the popular sandbox game Minecraft, which led to me finish Stanford's CS101 course at the age of 11. After six years, I still consider Java to be my go-to language, and it is where I develop most of applications. I use it for machine learning, game development, and Android development.
I've been working with Photoshop for as long as I could remember. I've designed multiple posters and advertising campaigns for school events and restaurants, and I work as a part-time freelancer online. I specialize in the field of UI/UX design as a front-end developer.


Just some of my latest projects


A unique 2D Java platformer

GLITCH is a platformer game that I created as a final project for a programming course.. It's coded in vanilla Java without the use of any external libraries. Currently, the game is still in it's early development stages, but I'm planning on adding more to it when I find the time.

Awards won from:

NN Autopilot

A revolutionary and safer autopilot system

Awards won from:

The project aims to use a neural network to control a self-driving car, making it able to think like a human. The network was trained using a genetic algorithm inspired by biological evolution. Unlike current self-driving cars, the system was not taught anything and was able to go from having no knowledge about driving to becoming a fully-autonomous vehicle - learning and adapting by itself.

Awards won from:

HF Mobile

An app for the most popular myBB forum

Currently an unfinished product, this app serves as a potential solution for members of HackForums that find it difficult to browse the website on mobile devices. As the website lacks an API, this app is built upon a custom headless browser running in the background, serving to scrape and parse HTML and inject JS with no sacrifice in speed.


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